Where we are

mapHow to reach us: Our Farm is in Veneto, in the Province of Venice, in the Municipality of Cavarzere, 40 km far from Venice and 35 km from Padua, at the gates of the Po river Delta (between the towns of Cavarzere and Adria).
The Farm is close to SR516, in Botta Locality, on the right for those who come from the north (Venice or Padua) 2 km beyond the centre of Cavarzere, on the left for those who come from the south (Rovigo and the sea) just before the bridge on the Botta channel.
In both cases, just after the turning (on the left or on the right), you have to go along 50 m of a road on a bank and, on your left, you can find the entrance gate of our Farm, from where it is possible to reach the internal car park.
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